RFI Microwave Packages

ASPE's No-Crack Glass, identified by the "ring" around the pin, is available in all RFI packages. NCG is applicable to RF (50 Ohm) Lines. A non-cracking glass composite, it assures hermetic integrity . . . and leads retain their integrity even after 50 or more bends. NCG meets MIL Std 883 Method 2004.5 Condition. B2 Lead integrity. MIL Std 883 Method 1014.7 Condition A4 Seal.

NCG in RF Surface Moutn Applications

Total Glass-Filled Cavities Maintain 50 Ohm Line Integrity

Note: 50 Ohm Lines can be supplied in any package required by engineers.


Solid Body and Frame Construction

SB construction provides cost benefits, and by not requiring a bottom braze joint, it assures impressive reliability. Wall height may be limited

FF construction maximizes substrate dimensions; is specified where sharper inside radii are required. No limitations on package height.

ASPE flatpacks, considered by many to be the ultimate in Real engineering for every application - satellites, missiles, and electronic circuit regardless of size, temperature limitations or special configurations. An exceptionally wide selection of packages to choose from. Or we will build fiber optics, microwave, power and any special metal package to your design specifications . . . in solid, frame, or high-tech Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) precision machining for sharp radii, and maximized work area. And we will provide a fast delivery response time.

Note: Any ASPE SB or FF package can accommodate No-Crack Glass sealing.


Platform Type, Solid Body and Frame Construction

Wide selection in stock, or fast, economical tool-up for your special requirements. Innovative designs, enhanced thermal and electrical performance. Employing exotic materials like molybdenum, copper and beryllium oxide selectively in combinations with proven metals, ASPE provides design and application engineers with design flexibility and performance efficiencies.

Wide Selection in Stock. . . or Fast, Economical Tool-Up for Your Specific Requirements

More and more companies within the electronics industry are discovering our rapid delivry capabilities. We will respond to your immediate or long-term needs to meet your product performance specifications and delivery deadlines.

Note: Any ASPE Platform Type can be produced as an SB Flatpack package.

Heavy Duty Hybrid Series

For High Voltage and Power Applications

In design and engineering application research, ASPE's focus is upon customer needs - expanding technology for enhanced capabilities. More power. Less cost. Highger performance. Maximized working areas. Sharper, cleaner radii. Greater heat dissipation . . . and more. Any or all of these features separately or at once in many of these packages.

This heavy duty series expands the capabilities of hybrid packages. While proven Kovar is used where metal meets glass, wherever possible copper is substituted to increase thermal and electrical conductivity. Such greatly enhanced heat dissipation provides ASPE customers with the facility to accomodate high voltage requirements and the increasing demand for greater power in hybrid packages.

TO-3 Header

Virtually all ASPE packages are available as Power Packages. Molybdenum power packages also available.

Special Packages

Circular Types, Windows Caps, Fiber Optics, Covers & Lids

Choose from available stocks . . . or create a new design, ASPE will work with you. Consult the factory. Cover and Lids are available for all applicable ASPE packages.