Hybrid Micro Circuit Packages

Dedicated to Assisting and Supporting Package Designers And Engineers Achieve Excellence in Enclosure Design and Optimum Long-Term Product Performance

ASPE's "Early Alert" Design Program For Package Designers and Engineers

A new dimension in hybrid package research assistance help with design and higher performance capabilities. Hand-machined prototypes or your own machined housings glass-sealed for your in-shop, hands-on experimentation and testing, promptly supplied.

Call ASPE. We'll work with you.

ASPE's Unexcelled Engineering and Manufacturing Support

Over 25 years of customer-oriented service, and a continuing list of innovative product enhancements and performance advances. Wide range of package designs regularly stocked. Exacting manufacturing protocols. The most advanced sealing technology employing - "No-Crack Glass" perfected by ASPE - assured hermetic integrity; and the integrity of leads is maintained, even after 50 or more bends.

A broad line of standard and custom packages; Flatpacks-Solid, and Frame construction; Headers-Platform type, Solid Body and Frame construction; Terminals; New RFI and Surface Mount Packages, Power Packages, Special Packages, Windows Caps, Fiver Optic Packages ... and more.

For Standard or special package requirements, CALL ASPE. We'll work with you.

You Can Expect and Get the Unusual in Design and Long-Term High Performance in Flatpacks, Headers and Terminals from ASPE

ASPE continues to look for ways to provide design flexibility, fabricating versatility, cost and delivery improvements for our customers.

When your packaging requirements are accommodated by the most advanced technology and latest enhancements - often singularly initiated, achieved and perfected by ASPE innovation and research - the results for you show up as cost-effective improvements, more versatility and flexibility for designers and engineers.

Precision stamping . . . a highly refined Zero Defects Quality Control Program . . . fully integrated manufacturing workflow sequences . . . and a strong customer-oriented workforce are but some of the elements that work cohesively to maximize the quality of you final packages, reduce your cost and expedite delivery of your orders. Look to ASPE for even more advances. YOU CAN EXPECT ONE ADVANCE AFTER ANOTHER . . . and another . . . and another . . . from ASPE.